Dr. Christina Collins, a board certified Gynecologist located in Beverly Hills, California, offers extensive natural and medical treatment options to help women manage menopause symptoms. Dr. Collins has created personalized treatment plans to ease the transition through menopause for numerous women throughout the greater Los Angeles area.

Menopause Management Q & A

What is menopause?

Menopause marks the end of a woman’s ability to become pregnant. This transition, which commonly occurs between the ages of 48 and 55, differs widely between women in numerous ways. The duration can last several months to several years and may elicit symptoms that range from mild to debilitating. As women approach menopause, they experience fluctuations in hormone levels. It is these fluctuations that cause symptoms and discomfort. Among the most common symptoms are hot flashes, issues with bladder control, vaginal dryness, diminished sex drive, joint and muscle pain, headaches, mood swings, depression, fatigue and insomnia. Menopause is medically defined as 12 consecutive months of not having a menstrual period.  At this point, for many women – but not all – symptoms ease on their own.

How does Dr. Collins manage menopause symptoms?

As an expert in integrated gynecological care, Dr. Collins offers the widest array of possible options for managing menopausal symptoms. These include nutritional counseling, dietary supplements, lifestyle changes, stress relief techniques, bioidentical hormones and the latest technology including vFit.

If my menopausal symptoms are mild, do I still need to see my OBGYN?

If you are among the lucky women who breeze through menopause symptom-free, it’s still important to have an annual check-up with your OBGYN. The decrease in estrogen that accompanies menopause puts women at a higher risk for a number of diseases and conditions. Among these are: osteoporosis, heart disease, urinary incontinence and certain cancers. Early diagnosis can be key in managing and remedying any of these problems. In addition, Dr. Collins is a big proponent of preventative care. Her goal is to help her patients stay healthy, vibrant and active throughout every stage of their lives, from adolescence through menopause.